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The Harmless One (Steve irl ) 
Lincoln, UK
Wednesday, 1. March 2006 08:11 AM  Write a comment

I stopped playing Dransik more than a year ago, but styaed in touch with RAOk by ad hoc MSN messages. I never ever knew his real name, of his age, or wher ehe lived, but even through the medium of text, he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

I lost touch with him in Octobe. I wondered why I hadnt heard, then I found out last week, totally by accident in that he was gone. I dont mind admitting I shed tears.

What a great guy. What a great Dransik Player. One of the finest, most epic battle I fought in Dransik was back to back with Raok, just the two of us, fighting our way out of Ethera Palace Termigon Cave. It took us four hours, and was epic, a story to tell your grandchildren.

I feel priviledged to say I fought with this great guy. The world, and especially the Ashen Empires world, will never be as good ever again without him.