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Thursday, 24. November 2005 06:04 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

Lowell has a special place in my life.

When my sister married Lowell during their college years, I couldn't have wished for a better brother in law. He always treated me with kindness as a teenager and he added alot of lively conversations at our home. He loved to discuss many things with our father that opened up my world back then. I adored him and always looked forward to when Lowell and my sister would come home to visit.

Lowell was excited about sharing ideas with people. But he was also fun to be around when there was a piano near. He was ready to play without too much urging at our family get togethers and I loved how he found so much delight in music. He could lift spirits with his enthusiasm and brought alot of joy in my life at the time.

During a family visit this summer, we celebrated our mother's 89th birthday and Lowell happened to come along with his sons to our celebration. It was a sunny day in July; a time when we could sit out comfortably on the lawn with the dogs enjoying each other's company and fresh air while we all indulged in birthday cake and ice cream. A summer picnic with family....a special time together. I appreciated that my sister and former brother in law could both come to a family outing with my nephews. The relationship may have changed, but Lowell and Sara found peace together that allowed our family to come together at that picnic.....on a sunny day in July.

Lowell, you will be missed......