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Jon Horne 
Syracuse, NY
Thursday, 17. November 2005 05:28 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

On Monday, November 7th, 2005, Lowell Paul Horne passed away from complications due to pneumonia. Especially in his recent years most people knew my father to be a kind and intelligent man. His greatest passion was caring for and showing off our three golden retrievers Sunny, Gin, and Pep. Sunny was his Service Dog and she went with him everywhere. Many people in Syracuse know my father simply by having met him while he was walking around town with one or two of them. He was also a common fixture at several breakfast places around town. A great many other people knew my father as Raok, a powerful battle magician in the game Ashen Empires. He attracted many fast friends in the lands of Dransik by virtue of his helpful, steadfast, and patient demeanor. Another host of people knew him as a frequent contributor in the atheist and religious discussion rooms of AOL and Yahoos' chat services. He reaped a great deal of satisfaction from earnestly trying to inform and relate to people the nature of his ideas and how he came to them. He also enjoyed honest and active debate as much as he might have denied it. As many people as knew him in his recent years in Syracuse and online, there are probably ten times as many that he met along his journey about whom I know only a little. Excepting his warm family, of course, who know parts of him in some ways better than myself. His two sisters and a nephew were able to come together with my brother mother and me immediately after his passing, greatly easing the considerable grief I've experienced. I know probably his best friend in life was Bob Cole, his little sister's husband. Some of his other close friends were Gary Heckman, Paul Shrieder, Stan Shively. He was a fairly private man about his heart. But I know he married my mom and loved her greatly. He loved at least one other woman, by happenstance his best friend's sister, Kathy Pfeuffer. And I'm pretty sure there were a few others along that way. I'm sure he'd be sorry he didn't get to say fairwell to us all.

Dad lived a full life, he had three careers and leaves two sons living and loving him. Dad loved dogs, music, mountains, caves, the color red, computers, technology, children, reading, conventional food, and television. He loved mysteries, and magic, Tolkien, and King. He loved the road, and the wind, motorcyles, traveling, kites and flying in his dreams. He loved telling a good joke, laughing and hearing laughter. He loved his children, with incredible tenderness he cared for us when we were sick. He watched over us and yearned for our freedom and unbridled curiousity. He loved his family, and I know it was one of his few regrets that he didn't see more of them more often.

I can't begin to say how much I loved, admired, and will miss him.

In his memory we're going to try to establish a memorial fund that will go to an organization that supports Service Dogs. His relationship with our dogs was probably his greatest comfort in recent years. And we know he would want as many people as possible to have that same opportunity. We'll also soon provide an opportunity for other people to speak about Lowell and how they knew and related to him.

- Jon Horne